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Kliknite Na Ime Da Downloadirate Taj Program

PalTalk Tools

This program has nothing to-do with Paltalk Toolz, it has many features init to use and a away MSG feature id someone pm's u when your away they get a message returned. There are many other great tools to make Paltalk more fun and allot easier for you.

Chat A Box

This is a simple but good quality Chat program which we made so we can talk in private, we have added 18 or more voice rooms because we have decided to share it with you, aren't cerska people nice.

Remote Typer

Ok this is nowhere near the finished product, we have put this up purely because people have criticized us whether it actually existed, many functions that weren't completed were taken off, and it has not been checked for errors, so please don't, moan about this, as we know theirs errors. But it should do its job which is take over a buddy keyboard when there in a room.

Download H2K Holder

If you already have a H2K Holder its our older version, this one looks much better and you can choose which key you want it to hold down! This works for Paltalk and many other voice chat programs including our very own Chat A Box.

H2K Mp3 Player

This isn't any ordinary Mp3 player we built this specifically for Paltalk, so that you can play music in the room without having to hold down the ctrl button seen as it has its own holder. Good program for karaoke rooms and music rooms in general.

Code Vault

This program is a cool program for people over 50 yrs who suffer from memory loss ;), but not just for old people because if your anything like me and have many rooms and admin codes to remember, worry no more :) this program simply stores user names and the admin code for them so you will never forget them again!

Anonymous Emailer

This program was simply made for people who want to send emails to impress there friends :) please use this program sensibly, basically u can send an email from anyone u like.